Here is another great game which is all about racing only. Last night I just thought about uploading some new free flash games on the site and got an idea that why not to upload some racing games for kids as well as other oldies but non-geeks!

I came out and started searching for a good game that my site visitors would love to play. Believe me that i have tried my best and took some finding and uploading this game.

Since you know that here at unblocked games we didn't uploaded any flash game that is about racing so that it is just a great and right time to publish such type of game. I hope you people would love playing it or if you are looking for some games in order to let your kids play it with safety then it is a right place for you.

About Free Gear Game

I don't think anything more explanation about the game since I'd already informed you that you that it is a racing game. but additionally i would like to let you know that it is a Car game and have laps which you can choose from the start of the game,

You can also choose the city and the road before starting the game. Also you can change the colour of the game. there will be 7 more cars on the same road and you will be competing them.

How to play Free Gear Game online

It is quite obvious that it can played from your keyboard up and down right and left arrows.


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